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Nick Avalos designed this website for a project for Dr. Stuckey-French’s Reading, Writing, and Speaking in the Digital Age (IFS 2030).

Nick writes, “Hey, My name is Nicolas Avalos. I am an 18 year old freshman at Florida State University studying computer science. I am originally from Miami, Florida where I was born and raised with two younger siblings, two dogs, a cat and my lovely parents. I am an avid video game player as well as a talented musician and occasional writer and photographer. But enough about me…

This website is a digital journal if you will about my experience with video games over the course of about 12 years. I give some anecdotes about my personal attachment to the video games listed on this site and also provide several analyses about the advancement of video games over the past decade or so in terms of graphics, narrative, and gameplay style.

Although it may seem trivial to write about experiences where I’m sitting down in front of a screen and twiddling my thumbs on control sticks, it is more than that to me. After all the only way to experience a game to its full potential is by playing it yourself.

For the analysis I will explain further in this section:

From the first game I played (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker) I noticed the graphical capabilities of certain consoles and when comparing that game to Guitar Hero I would say Zelda beats it because there are more mechanics in the former than the latter and the graphical capabilities of the Gamecube outperform the Playstation 2 to a certain extent. Then, when the Xbox 360 came out with games such as Rock Band, Modern Warfare 2 and Skyrim, the graphical quality skyrocketed boasting HD graphics. As time went on, the technology of hardware chips and processing speeds has boomed which has resulted in quicker and quicker adoption rates of better graphics.

As for the story of certain games, I would say that differs from game to game as there are many different types and genres of games. But one thing i noticed is how big games could become based on the limitations of the hardware in the specific game consoles. Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V both had immense maps and gameplay hours. The quality and emotional heft of games such as The Last of Us stood out as having a movie worthy story but spread out even longer. Also the voice acting and character designs have gotten more and more lifelike throughout my years of playing games.”