Alexa Carter composed “Writing for Film” in Research, Genre, and Context (ENC 2135). This video served as one of the genres for the Composition-in-Three-Genres project.


Alexa writes, “I created my video “Writing for Film” as a response to an assignment for my ENC2135 class this summer. In one of our earlier assignments, we had to write a research paper about how writing is involved with a major we are interested in. After the paper was written, we then had to translate it into three different media. I chose video as one of my media as I felt it only made sense when discussing film, and this project was the result. My video goes into how writing applies to the film industry, and more specifically, the animation industry. With the information I collected for the research paper, I set to work making a video that would both represent the material in the best and clearest way possible, while also entertaining my audience: my class. After a few hours of just me, a whiteboard wall in the William Johnston building, and a camera I rented from Strozier, this video was born. I hope that this video has proven entertaining, and most importantly conveys the information I wanted to about how writing is involved the very visual field of animation.”