Molly Daniel composed “The/A/Our Body in Motion: Dancing Composition,” a digital video presentation, for the Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference in October 2015 in Tempe, Arizona.

Molly writes, “Often the/a/our body is implicated through technology without direct acknowledgement of its position as it toggles between and composes through material and digital composition. This video combines alphabetic, visual, and somatic means of communication in order to both put into practice and explain why the/a/our body is integrated into all approaches to composition because we first compose through our bodies. As the composer of this piece, I wrote and spoke the text, danced to my own words and combined written and choreographed works of my own into the final project. It specifically responds to Susan Delagrange’s claim that suggests new media create the possibility to “reintroduce embodied rhetoric to the screen” (Technologies of Wonder, 22) because I worked to situate my body within the next while also attending to the ways in which it participated throughout the process and this video works to extend it into digital spaces. What are your ways of making? How does it integrate your body?”