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Sandy Li designed this interactive map using Google Maps for a project in Dr. Stuckey-French’s Reading, Writing, and Speaking in the Digital Age (IFS 2030).

Sandy writes, “Hi, my name is Sandy. Boca Raton is my hometown, and it is where I have resided most of my life. Sometimes though, my family would all go to new destinations together for a break/holidays. The goal of the project is to map out the places I have visited. I want to share with you some of the foods I have eaten and the interesting places/landmarks that I have visited. I find that Google Maps would be a good tool because it can hop from place to place and show exactly where these locations are, so the distances can be gauged. I hope this might be a useful guide or recommendations for others who might be visiting these locations. Moreover, through some of my experiences from traveling and eating, it has helped made me into who I am.”