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Breanna White designed this website for a project for Dr. Stuckey-French’s Reading, Writing, and Speaking in the Digital Age (IFS 2030).

Breanna writes, “Not too long ago I was talking with friends about our favorite movies. I quickly realized that almost every movie associated with Christopher Nolan made my list. And so I decided to try and answer the question: why do I love Christopher Nolan movies so much? Since I couldn’t include every film, I picked my top three in no order. Those three “favorites” are Interstellar, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight and Interstellar are very well known, but The Prestige is one which I haven’t ever met anyone that has seen it. I could easily go through each of the three and gush about the plots alone, but there is so much more to his films that I don’t think other people realize after first watch. Pairing his directing style with his dedication to authenticity and details like the film score and location make them all something special.”