Kyria Flores composed “When Text Meets Culture” as a final project for Dr. Graban’s What is a Text? (ENG 4815) course.

Kyria writes, “Initially, this project was designed with the intention to determine: “To what extent cultural ‘norms’ affect or construct our understanding of text as free of authorial intent?” This whiteboard animation-style video is the final manifestation, or product, of that very proposal. This ‘discovery’ was prompted by an assignment for ENG 4815: What is a Text? at Florida State University (a class centered around textuality and its multi-faceted nature) where we were challenged to design a project that would lead to a manifestation of sorts. Somewhere in between searching through scholars like Roland Barthes, Kenneth Burke and Wimsatt and Beardsley relying on people like Lu Ming Mao to complicate and redirect our own transnational subjectivities we land ourselves facing a semi-radical implication. This narrative walks through and dissects what culture looks like relative an individual and in differing geographic locations. Afterwards, we shift focus into how exactly text is dependent and affected by our concept of culture. And lastly, our attention is redirected into defining where the true meaning of a text lies. Is it within the text itself, the writer or the audience? Ultimately, the exploration of these linkages and relationships lead us to an outcome directly contingent on culture. The goal of this short video presentation is to allow the audience to grasp the unstable nature of culture and its affect on our texts and what we accept and reject, textually speaking, on a regular basis.This is done by leaping forward to smaller complex ideas and ending by gazing across a panoramic of broader notions that piece together to become one final manifestation regarding text– not only where it comes from but most importantly where it will go.”