Gabby McDonald designed “Gender Roles Comic” in her Research, Genre, and Context (ENC 2135) course. Her project is a cartoon she created for Project 3, remediating her academic research paper on gender roles.

Gabby writes, “The silent narrative follows a young girl and her seemingly average experience within a school setting, presumed to be in middle or high school due to the later appearance of a poster advertising a school dance reminiscent of the popular Sadie Hawkin’s Dance. It’s ultimately revealed that the girl is expressing shy attractions towards another girl, yet by the end of the comic she quickly brushes over those feelings after being reminded by the poster that only girls and boys are meant to be romantically involved, reflecting the heteronormativity and gender bias present within today’s society. The comic takes up an overly simple, black-and-white style in order to mock society’s obsession with oversimplification and binaries, which is occasionally broken by panels of color in order to remind the viewer of the complexity and color in the world. Likewise, the ultimate disappearance of color, along with the somber conclusion of the comic, is meant to draw attention to the harm brought to children exposed to such stereotypes and prejudice in education, encouraging the viewer to avoid and correct the harmful mentalities often presented in schools.”