To view “Capital” Circulation Map, click here.

“Capital” Circulation Map is a webpage designed by Brad Anderson for Dr. Yancey’s Digital Revolution and Convergence Culture (ENG 5933) course.

Brad writes, “So the official assignment requested ‘a representation showing how a given term or image has circulated across time and space and the connections central to that circulation.’  The map was interesting to me in a few ways.  The first is the general circulation and multiple meanings of a term stemming from basic etymological roots.  The second is seeing the way that multiplying terminology is appropriated and used by groups or individuals, whether for political, philosophical or financial ends; terms are literal social capital.

From a design perspective, I have had a video game controller in my hand for the majority of my life, and game-oriented graphical user interfaces obviously influenced this project. I tried to emphasize interactivity and interface responsiveness—a reader’s click is a digital input, but should feel tangible on the screen.”