FSU Digital Symposium 2016

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January 2016

Catholicism at FSU

Artistic Athleticism

Nick’s Video Game Library

Mr. Wrong: A Look at Some Fan Favorite TV Anti-Heroes and Why We Love Them

My Travels and Me

Hawaiian Travel Adventures

Passive Voice Rules

Misused Words

Who vs. Whom Tutorial

Evolution of the Light Saber Prop

Christopher Nolan: My Favorite

Writing for Film

How to Be a Builder 101

The/A/Our Body in Motion: Dancing Composition

When Text Meets Culture

Hypermedia: Textuality Live!

GMOs: The Unaltered Truth

Life of Pixel

Meek Mill vs. Drake: A Hip Hop Feud in Circulation

The Visual Rhetoric of Instagram: Heuristics for Discussing Visual Rhetoric and Design Thinking in FYC

ENC 2135: Portfolio

Commercial Streaming’s Takeover: Music in the Modern Age

Gender Roles Comic

“Capital” Circulation Map

Group Med

Music Censorship

Museum of Everyday Writing

Welcome to Night Vale

The Joshua Tree Epiphany

Social Class Inequality: A Composition-in-Three-Genres

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